My 7 Links

Recently I was nominated to complete the My 7  Links Challenge. It is a nifty idea and I happily accepted the challenge issued by my great pal and stellar blogger, Sam of Tripping ‘Round the World fame. I really enjoyed reading about her seven select posts. Essentially we are asked to identify seven posts that fit pre-determined categories. I thought, piece of cake! Then I kept thinking and thinking, which turned to procrastination. I procrastinated for a number of reasons – I wanted to get my house in order, my computer died and it’s tricky to look at stats on my phone, I don’t like assigning categories to things, etc, etc. Or rather, excuses, excuses. So here I am, excuses and procrastination aside, giving you my seven links:

1. Your most beautiful post:

Beautiful British Columbia

This one was sort of a no-brainer, though at first I wanted to try to select a post that was more meaningful and covered figurative beauty. I settled on this one because BC is one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever been. It’s beauty makes me happy every day. I know it wasn’t long ago when we crossed the border into this spectacular province but I will always remember it vividly and how awe-struck I was with what we were seeing. So while this beauty may not be figurative, it is quite real and surrounds us daily.

2. Your most popular post:

I quit Toronto, but I’ll miss you

Hands down, this was the post my world was waiting for, the explanation of my insanity. Simple as that.

3. Your most controversial post:

Champagne & Potato Chips

Ok, so travelling and wine are not overly controversial subjects so I had to stretch this category a titch. Food and wine pairing experiences are so individual and unique based on a person’s own preferences – what I may like, you may not, hence the “controversy”. People often look at me like I’ve lost touch with reality when I tell them to try chips with sparkling wine. I swear it’s great but for this post, it’s controversial. Got it?

4. You most helpful post:

Wine Tasting 101

Quite simply put the average person who enjoys a glass of vino may not know how to properly taste wine. This can be intimidating when visiting a winery and wanting to “do the right thing”. I posted on this topic because it wasn’t so long ago that I was learning proper tasting techniques. Plus, taking people through their first tasting experience is one of my favourite things to do because it is so fun to see the passion develop within the person tasting when the wine takes on a new form after that first swirl or sip!

5. A post whose success surprised you:

Dinosaurs & Cheese Curds

This one really did surprise me. This post received more hits that I ever expected. It was super simple and to the point, just a brief update on our location really. I guess people just really love dinosaurs and cheese curds! Mmm cheese curds.

6. A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved:

The Lost Train Penny of Kakabeka Falls

This post received a normal amount of hits but it is one I really wanted to highlight because it covered most of our drive through beautiful northern Ontario, a part of the world that isn’t given the credit it deserves. The provincial parks we hit that I mention in this post were some of the most diverse and spectacular landscape we encountered. Really though, this is just my favourite titled post and I needed you to know that.

7. A post you are most proud of:


I’m proud of this post for the topics it cover and the story it tells. Leaving my job and life behind was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done by choice. My last day at Ryerson and last week in Toronto were heavy, for the many reasons this post covers. I’m super proud of both Doug and myself for just packing it up and leaving. I’m proud of the emotions this post covers and puts out in the open. I’m also proud I’m able to continue telling you how this chapter proceeds from here. This post and our move are about a lot more than chasing wine, I’m proud to be aware of that.

So there you have it folks, some blog post reminiscing. There will be many more to come the months and years ahead. Drop me a line with any questions or topi ideas you might have, or just let me know your own favourite posts!

Oh! I can’t forget to pass the torch, so to speak. Hey Doug, over to you, you hit over 100 posts recently. Show us your seven, we showed you ours!

One response to “My 7 Links

  1. I would really like to see Doug draw out his 7 links! Great picks!

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